2022 Electric EV Titan Evo Blue

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2022 Electric EV Titan Evo Blue
***Financing Available***

Specifications / Customizations

New inventory Alert 🚨 2022 Electric EV Titan Evo Blue

New 6” lift kit
New 14” custom wheels with golf  course approved tires
New Blue Ev Titan custom body
New flip down windshield
New turn signal
New brake lights
New hazard lights
New horn
New sound system Bluetooth
New bottom changing lights Bluetooth
New upgraded custom seats
New custom steering wheel
New led lights
New digital display screen display speed and miles
New seatbelts for all passengers
New Ev Titan flip down backseat
New 4 kw Ac motor 25mph
New onboard smart charger
New batteries 🔋
New extended black roof top with safety grab bar handles
New safety grab bar
New volt battery meter
New charging indicator

These are more than just street legal golf cars – they’re personal transportation that’s perfect for driving to the golf course, taking friends to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, going around any campus, or zipping to the gym for a work